Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to order Juzisound product?

Ordering the Juzisound product is made by the "Buy It Now" button, which is available on every product page. When you press this button, an order form will appear on screen. On this order form you select the payment method you wish to use, and have instructions how to order and pay with the chosen payment method.

Q. What are the possible payment methods?

Juzisound Ltd offers 3 payment methods:
 1. Bank to Bank transfer (preferred method).
 2. PayPal.
 3. Pay on delivery. (Greece and Romania only)

Q. Why not use Western Union or Money Gram as a payment method?

Western Union or Money Gram are only available for individual personal transactions. These payment methods are not available because we are a company.

Q. Is payment required upfront?

Yes, in most cases payment is made first.
Shipping will only be arranged after money transfer is complete!

Q. Possible to pay on delivery ?

In most cases NO! Payment on delivery is only available for Romania and Greece. For all other countries, payment is made first.

Q. What currency do you accept?

We use only EURO and all prices are in EURO.
We have a bank account only in EURO, and bank transactions are only made in EURO.

Q. Is it possible to pay with a Credit Card ?

Yes, but only through the PayPal payment system.

Q. What are your bank account details ?

For payment through bank to bank transfer please use the following bank details:

Country : Bulgaria
Bank Office name : CCB AD Central Cooperative Bank - Pleven
Bank Office Address : city Pleven 5800, Vasil Levski Street 150
IBAN (CONTI) : BG43 CECB 9790 14E8 2833 00
Curency : EUR (We accept only Euro)
Account Name : Juzisound Ltd

Q. How long does it take to complete the bank transfer ?

In most cases bank to bank transfer needs 1 to 2 working days to complete.
We arrange shipping once bank transfer complete!

Q. What are your PayPal account details ?

Our company’s PayPal account is:

Q. What is VAT ?

The Value Added Tax, or VAT, in the European Union is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. It applies more or less to all goods and services that are bought and sold for use or consumption in the European Union.

Q. What is your VAT number ?

Our company's VAT number is: BG202879595. It is possible to check the number in European VIES system.

Q. How much is the VAT in Bulgaria ?

In Bulgaria VAT is fixed at 20% for all goods.

Q. Is it possible to pay without VAT if i am outside the European Union?

Yes, it is possible. However to do this, we need to make an official export of your goods at actual cost. Then when you receive the goods in your country, you need to make an official import too, and then pay all import taxes. All this is a difficult and complex procedure for both sides, but we make it mandatory for large orders.
For small orders we prefer to receive payment with VAT included. This eliminates our obligation to make export.

Q. Is Shipping free ?

No. Shipping is not free. You select the shipping method and pay for the selected shipping cost.

Q. When will I pay for the shipping ?

You pay for shipping together with the payment for your goods. Shipping costs for your selected shipping method are added in your TOTAL.

Q. When will shipping be carried out ?

Shipping will be arranged only AFTER payment is complete. Arrangements for dispatch are made the same day as payment is complete, or the next working day depending on the shipping method selected.
Only for pay on delivery payment methods, will shipping be made without payment.

Q. What are the available shipping methods ?

We use several shipping methods, dependent on cost and country of delivery. The most used methods are:

International POST.
We use this method to the whole of the world. Delivery is guaranteed.
NOTE: With international post, shipping is made in the morning of the next working day, after the day payment is complete.
All packages have a tracking number, and have an online tracking system for location. This Tracking number is available immediately, but will be active for checking online after 6 to 12 hours. The link for tracking a post shipment is:
Shipping times vary for different countries but in most cases it is 5-9 days to EU or 10-25 days for the rest of the world.
Maximum Package weight with International Post are limited to 2 kg.
The cost with International Post is not dependent on the destination but is fixed at 10 EUR for packages up to 1 kg, and 20 EUR for packages between 1 to 2 kg.
If your order weighs more of 2 kg then the order will need to be split into 2 packages, and you will need to pay 2 separate shipping costs.

Speedy/DPD or ECONT.
This is a local couriers company and we use this exclusively for Greece and Romania. For both of these countries, pay on delivery service is available.
NOTE: With these couriers, shipping is made on the same working day as payment is complete.
All packages have a tracking number, and have an online system to check package’s location. Tracking number is available immediately.
The link for tracking Speedy/DPD shipment is:
The link for tracking ECONT shipment is:
Shipping times vary for different countries but in most cases it is 1-3 days to Romania and Greece and 5-7 days to Europe.
No limitation about packet weight, but cost is dependent from weight.

We use this exclusively for fast orders to USA and Canada.
NOTE: With FedEx, shipping is made on the same work day that payment is complete. However the first stage is a manual arrangement process and one extra day is added.
All packages have a tracking number, and an online system to check package’s location. The Tracking number on paper, is available immediately and an online check is available after 12 hours.
The link for tracking FedEx shipment is:
Shipping time is 2-3 days and cost is dependent on weight
For weight up to 2 kg the cost is fixed at 100 EUR.

We use this exclusively for Arab countries: UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc.
NOTE: With Aramex, shipping is made the same work day that payment is complete. However the first stage is a manual arrangement process and one extra day is added.
All packages have a tracking number, and have online system to check package’s location. The Tracking number is available one day after sending, because the first stage is manual. The Online check is available immediately after trasking is available.
Link for track Aramex shipment is:
Shipping time is 2-3 days.
There is No limitation on package weight, but the cost is dependent on weight. For weight up to 3.5 kg the cost is fixed to 100 EUR.

Q. What happens if the shipment does not arrive ?

All shipping methods have tracking number and are guaranteed. So it is Not possible to lose a package without confirmation about this. Up to now we have had no losses.
However if a package is lost, we will start checking procedures. The Checking procedure with couriers are fast. With international post the checking procedure is only available after 30 days from date of sending the package. After the checking procedure is complete and the status confirmed as "lost", we will send out a new package or refund your money. The choice is yours.
NOTE: Big international holidays and any transport problems in the world, add unexpected delay to shipping time. Please be patient if this happens.

Q. Are there any conditions on the warranty ?

For all products Juzisound Ltd. gives LIFETIME WARRANTY for the electronics and 1 year warranty for all other components. What this means:
The lifetime warranty fully covers all electronic components used in the device.

Q. What exactly is included in this warranty ?

This warranty covers the main processor, all electronic chips, displays, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, inductors, sensors, and other fully electronic components to which the user has no direct mechanical access.

Q. What is NOT included in this warranty ?

This warranty does not cover cables, connectors and jacks, buttons and keyboards, power transformers, potentiometers, electronic storage media, and any other components that might be damaged mechanically or that usually have a limited period of use, which would at some point inevitably expire as a result of normal use. Some of these components may be regarded as "consumables". All are covered by the standard general one year warranty.

Q. Are there any other warranty conditions ?

These two levels of warranty applies only to manufacturing defects and defects arising from normal use of the device when it is used under the conditions and recommendations prescribed by the manufacturer.
Any defects resulting from misuse, transportation or storage, improper connection to other systems and devices, or use of incompatible accessories or peripherals, as well as defects arising due to negligence or carelessness is not covered by this warranty. Please be aware that Juzisound Ltd will accept no reasonability for any software malfunction caused by improper interventions or damage to information stored on data medium. Warranty does not apply when the product is repaired (or attempted to) by unauthorized persons.
This Warranty does not cover misuse, unauthorized modifications, and external causes such as acts of nature. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or damage to any non-Juzisound product used in connection with this product. This Warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse or modification of the Product. Warranty service can only be done by the manufacturer or an authorized representative in the presence of the necessary grounds. Manufacturer and its representatives reserve the right to unilaterally reject warranty service if they have good reason.
Any defects covered by the warranty are removed for free by the manufacturer or an authorized representative. In case of irreparable defects, defective modules will be replaced and if necessary the whole unit will be replaced.

Q. Who pays the shipping costs if the warranty is executed?

All shipping costs for warranty service shall be met by the customer. If the defect has arisen in the first month of the purchase of the device, the shipping costs are met by the manufacturer. For the period of time required to remove the defect (including transportation time from the customer to the manufacturer and back) the manufacturer has no obligation to provide any other device to replace the damaged item.

Q. When does the warranty period begin ?

The period of warranty starts from the date of purchase of the product. In the case of lease the period of warranty starts from the date of delivery of the product to the customer.