Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler

Small and powerful sampler device specialized for playing ethno solo sounds. This device is specially created to use in East European Balkan regions. Also is very useful for musicians from Turkey, Greece, Arab or Middle East regions. If you play that kind of music, this device is best for you!

Now with 128GB SD card and 2640 programs!!!

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With 128GB SD Card
(include 20% VAT)

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Unlimited Sample Memory

Yes - Really unlimited sample memory! This device is created with new technology and new conception! Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler don`t use RAM memory for loading samples. All samples are played in True Real Time DIRECTLY from an SD Card! This new technology allows using extremely massive sample libraries. The size of the sample is limited only by the size of the SD Card in use. For the time being, the sampler accept SD cards with capacity up to 64GB, but there will be no problem in future to add support for newest and biggest SD cards.

No-RAM Advantages:
- No need to use a sample compression. All samples are in Full Quality native WAV format – 16 bit/48 kHz/Mono.
- One (or more) separate sample for EVERY note of the keyboard. No more one sample for several notes, to save sample space.
- No more sample LOOPs and loops artifacts. All samples are sampled and played only in FULL LENGTH.
- No limitation of sample variants for every note, because there is no limitation of the total sample memory.
- No need to wait long time for loading samples from disk or flash to ram memory when power on the device. The sampler is ready for playing immediately after power on.

No-RAM Disadvantages:
- First and foremost restriction of this no ram conception is the polyphony. Random reading from an SD Card is not very fast, and this limits the sampler polyphony to a maximum of 8 notes.
The Sampler is a SOLO device and most of programs are in monophonic mode, thereby polyphony is not an issue. But piano, strings and other sounds with low release really suffer from this limitation. Because of this the true power of the sampler are really the solo sounds.

Portamento / Oscillator Modes

In this device Juzisound implements many types of specialized Oscillator Modes, specially created for use in Ethno solo music. Many types of Portamento with full set of parameters are supported, including very popular Yamaha DX, Casio CZ, KORG and original and very useful JS and JS2 portamento. This JS and JS2 portamento have special technology for smooth sample to sample transition, and this kind of portamento is not available in any other hardware keyboards. Additionally to portamento modes, the sampler has many special oscillator engines (combination between specially prepared samples and additional software processing), specialized for playing Saxophones, Clarinets, Solo String instruments, Bouzoukis and many more.

What is difference between Juzisound’s Portamento and other samplers Portamento:
There are 4 big differenced, between portamento realization in Juzisound Total SOLO Samplers and all other hardware samplers: 1. In all hardware samplers to this moment, portamento is realized by the same way. When portamento effect is starting, this is made with ONLY ONE sample. This is sample of the last note before portamento effect starts. The result of this method is unnatural sounding, because the final note of portamento is played with the wrong sample of the start note. The bigger the interval between notes is, the more unnatural is the sound.
In Juzisound we have many new types of portamento, where portamento starts with the sample of the current note, and completes with the sample of the destination note. In other words the sampler makes crossfade between samples of the start and the final note. Does that sound good? Yes, but this is only the simple version. Furthermore it is possible to make same advantages of this conception, like using another different sample only for the sample transition, or play portamento with using crossfade based of all samples between the current and the destination note. Result of this is very natural and realistic transition between notes when portamento is applied. Many other user adjustable parameters are available for very fine tuning of this process, including sample offset controls and many more...
2. In most hardware samplers, the time of portamento is depending from the interval between the start and the destination note. This is not good for ethno music. In Juzisound sampler is possible to fix portamento time, and the time will be equal, regardless of note intervals
3. Most common problem is also the type of portamento. Ethno style keyboard player needs portamento only when new note starts before previous note ends. In some keyboards this is named "Fingered" portamento but in most models this portamento is not implemented. In Juzisound we have all modes of portamento, plus dependency of portamento time from note velocity, like in MOSS boards.
4. In most hardware samplers, portamento frequency is updated in big time period. For example, in KORG portamento update interval is 15 milliseconds. Good portamento time when play fast is around 30 milliseconds. If the update interval is 15 ms, then there is no smooth glide between notes. You will listen only 2 or maximum 3 changes of sound frequency. This not sounds good at all. In Juzisound sampler, portamento frequency update interval is 1milliseconds! There is a big difference. The transition between notes is smooth and pleased to listen.

Perfect Audio Quality

All audio path of the sampler is designed very careful for pristine audio quality. All audio calculations are 32-bit in the digital domain. Final digital audio signal is converted to analog with high quality DAC PCM1791A (-113db Dynamic Range / 0.001% THD+N) from leader in audio technology Burr Brown/Texas Instruments. After DAC, LP filtering and output stages are realized with high quality operational amplifier NE5532. All analog parts are powered separately from digital parts, provided from high voltage low noise linear power supply. Analog Master Volume potentiometer allow for easy level adjustment. Audio out of the sampler is simple outstanding!

Open sample format / Free Bank Manager

Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler use free open format for samples. All samples are in standart WAV format - 16 bits / 48kHz / Mono. Sampler need at least one WAV file for every one note. All samples are played in FULL LENGTH mode. No LOOPS supported. Sampler Sound Library Bank is created and possible to edit with FREE software tool - Juzisound Samplers Bank Manager. This software tool is available for free download, and provides full set of functions for create, edit or manage sampler sound library banks. Separate product page is available for this software. Go to product page...

Integrated Breath Controller Converter

On the rear side of Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler is located “Analog In” input on small 3.5" stereo jack. This input is designed to connect Breath Controller Headset or any other analog controller, like pedal or potentiometer. The pin assignment of this input is configurable via menu to accept different types of breath controllers, like Juzisound or Yamaha BC-3. Switching between types should be done from the menu of the sampler. In addition to the Analog In, inside the sampler is located powerful analog to MIDI converter module. This module converts analog input level present of the analog input, to standard MIDI signal. This converter works like fully autonomous device, and has its own menu and a full set of parameters. Generated MIDI signal from converter can be send internally to sampler, externally from sampler to the MIDI out or to both. This allows controlling not only the sampler but the sampler and another external MIDI device, connected to sampler MIDI OUT.

What is included:

  • One Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler (Black or White color).
  • One SD card, (now card is 64GB) preloaded with last version of deffault sound bank.
  • One small PS2 keyboard, for easy sampler function control.
  • One Power cable - EU Standard.
  • One MIDI cable.
  • Warranty card.
  • Quick Start quide.
  • Breath Controller Headset - ( Optional !!! )