Breath Controller
(MIDI Version)

High quality breath controller headset, with dyrect MIDI output. This breath controller have integrated powerful analog to MIDI converter, with full set of parameters. All this is puted inside the headset. Output from headset is standart 5 pin MIDI DIN connector and headset wil be used dyrectly with any MIDI device, whu have MIDI IN. No more need of external analog to MIDI converter. Simple connect this headset dyrect to MIDI IN of you keyboard and start playng. If you MIDI device have USB port, power of headset is made by this port. No need of power adapter. If you keyboard not have USB port, then power adapter option is available too.


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New High Quality Design

This new model of Juzisound breath controller headset is made by new materials, and every detail is with very high quality. For mouthpieces and headset box are used custom molding parts, molded from high quality ABS plastic. Diadem is from stainless steel with spring characteristic. No more broken diadem. Surfaces where contact with head are with soft rubber foam for max comfort. Ghouseneck is now from corosion free stainless steel matherial. Connection cable is long, thin and soft, and with very light weight. All these features ensure a long life of headset and maximum comfort when use.

Mouthpiece with Drain Control Cap

Every mouthpiece have Drain Control Cap. With this control cap, possible to adjust the amount of air to be vented from mouthpiece. With Rotation of cap you need to find best confortable for you position. Whu this position is very important feature?
When you use breath controller, you not only control the sound but you breathe trought a breath controller. Inhalation phase of breathing is free, but exhalation phase of breathing is trought breath controller mouthpiece. Becouse this, is very important to find this cap position, where trought mouthpiece is possible to exhale all the inhaled air from brevious breath, and time for this will be enough to complete musical phrase. All this is made with experiments.

Integrated Analog To MIDI Converter

This converter have integrated powerfull analog to MIDI converter, and produce ready for use standart MIDI signal. Integrated converter have many sets of parameters like offset, gain, curves, MIDI message sellections and many more. Possible to generate 2 different MIDI messages together. Possible to generate MIDI messages to 3 different MIDI channels simultaneously. Analog to MIDI conversion is made very careful, by original algorithm from Juzisound. Breath BYPASS mode control is available only with apply negative or high positive pressure. No need to touch headset. All menu parameters are editable with 2 buttons with short and long press. For display status are used 4 super bright white leds. All parameters are saved in Non-volatile memory. (No back-up battery required).

Removable Cable

Unlike simple analog version, connection cable is not connected permanently to breath headset. For cable connection on headset side is used standard 3.5" stereo jack. Рўhis is done for two reasons. First is allow of easy replacement of cable if need, becouse headset is designed for very long life, and my be after long and intensive use you need to replace worn-out cable. With this connector this will be very easy. Seccond and more important reason is posibility of use different configuration of cables for connection between headset and MIDI device. This is nesessary, becouse power of headset and MIDI output from headset is made by the same cable. Read next section for more details.

Powered from USB

This headset is active. Indside headset have CPU and another electronics. Becouse this, headset need some power to work normal. In standard (most used) configuration, headset is powered from USB port of you keyboard. For this variant, cable for connection between headset and keyboard are special. On headset side cable ends with standart 3.5" stereo jack, but on another side, cable is split to two separate ends. One end is with MIDI connector. This is MIDI out of headset, and must be conected to MIDI IN of you keyboard. Another end is USB Type-A connector. This must be pluged in USB port of you keyboard. Headset use this USB port only to get power. Headset is not USB device. NOTE: If you keyboard not have USB port, then optional power adapter is available. Power adapter cable ends with female USB connector, and USB from headset and from power adapter must be connected together.

What is included:

  • One Juzisound Breath Headset.
  • Two Mouthpieces.
  • One cable 3.5" stereo jack to MIDI/USB split.
  • Warranty card.
  • Quick Start quide.