Additional Mouthpieces For
Breath Controllers
( 2 pcs )

This is replacement parts for all models of Juzisound Breath Controllers. This is alsu 100% compatible with Yamaha BC3A breath controller, and will be use like replacement parts for Yamaha BC3A.
Mouthpieces are made by high quality ABS plastic, and every detail is with very high quality. All these features ensure a long life and maximum comfort when use.
This cost is for 2 mouthpieces!


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Drain Control Cap

Every mouthpiece have Drain Control Cap. With this control cap, possible to adjust the amount of air to be vented from mouthpiece. With Rotation of cap you need to find best confortable for you position. Whu this position is very important feature?
When you use breath controller, you not only control the sound but you breathe trought a breath controller. Inhalation phase of breathing is free, but exhalation phase of breathing is trought breath controller mouthpiece. Becouse this, is very important to find this cap position, where trought mouthpiece is possible to exhale all the inhaled air from brevious breath, and time for this will be enough to complete musical phrase. All this is made with experiments.

What is included:

  • Two Mouthpieces.