Breath Controller
(Analog Version)

High quality breath controller headset, with analog output. This controller produces analog signal, which depends on the applied breath pressure. In most cases, breath controllers are used to control the level of sounds, but they are also designed to control many other parameters. This model is with analog output and it is not possible to connect directly to the MIDI input on your device. In order to use this model, you need to use another Juzisound product, which has analog input for breath controller. Compatible products are: Total SOLO Sampler, PCD-1, Keyboard Enhancer or MIDI WIreless System. All these devices have functions to convert the analog level from the breath controller to standart MIDI messages. After this conversion it is possible to use it with any musical device which has MIDI input.


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New High Quality Design

This new generation Juzisound breath controller headset is made of high quality materials. For the mouthpiece and the headset box custom made molding parts made out of ABS plastic are used. The diadem is made out of stainless steel with spring characteristics preventing it from braking. Surfaces making connection with the headset are covered with soft rubber foam for maximum comfort. Gooseneck is now made of corosion free stainless steel material. Connection cable is long, thin, soft and very light weight. All these features ensure long life for the headset and maximum comfort when used.

Mouthpiece with Drain Control Cap

Each mouthpiece has Drain Control Cap. Because of this control cap it is now possible to adjust the amount of air vented from the mouthpiece. Through Rotation of the cap you can find the most confortable position for you. Why is this cap adjustment such an important feature?
When you use breath controller, you are not only controlling the sound but you breathe through a breath controller. Inhalation phase of breathing is free, but exhalation phase of breathing is through a breath controller mouthpiece. Because of that, it is very important to find this cap's right position, where through mouthpiece is possible to exhale all the inhaled air from the previous breath, and time for this will be enough to complete a musical phrase. All this is achieved through some experimenting.

Integrated LED level indicator

In this model, there is integrated LED level and Power ON indicator. When Breath Controller Headset is plugged into the device and proper power is present, first RED LED is ON. This is Power ON level indicator, and this LED is always ON when power is present. Another 3 LEDs work like level indicators for the applied breath pressure. With this indicator it is very easy to check working condition of the headset. Another advantage is very expressive light effect, when the breath controller headset is being used.
NOTE: This LED level indicator is hardware realized inside the breath headset, and is absolutly independent from the final breath level position, formed after applying software OFFSET and software GAIN inside the device where this headset is pluged in. This LED indicator is only for checking and light visual effect when using the headset.

What is included:

  • One Juzisound Breath Headset.
  • Two Mouthpieces.
  • Warranty card.
  • Quick Start quide.