Total SOLO Sampler

New generation of sampler device, again specialized for playing ethno solo sounds. This new device is specially created for use in Eastern European and Balkan regions. Also it is very useful for musicians from Turkey, Greece, Arabs and the Middle East. If you play that kind of music, this device is really the right one for you!
Model MICRO is successor of sampler 1, but technology is based of sampler 2. Sampler MICRO play sound bank from sampler 2, with same limitations. For more information, see comparison table between all samplers.


With 256GB SD Card
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Whu Sampler MICRO is created?

Total SOLO Sampler MICRO is successor of Sampler 1, but technology is based of Sampler 2. Sampler MICRO is really cost optimised version of Sampler 2. All high cost componnents like aluminium box, large touch screen display, 4 audio outputs and many hardware buttons and LEDs are removed to optimize cost, but sound quality is not touched. Sampler MICRO not have any compromise with sound quality. This is the same like in Sampler 2 + improvement of analog master volume, like in Sampler 1.
Sampler MICRO is created to replace Sampler 1 for uses with synth-keyboards, and to be low cost alternative of Sampler 2. Sampler MICRO is higly recomended too, for use with MIDI accordion systems, when MIDI system is intalled only for right solo part. In this case Sampler MICRO is perfect variant and overal system cost will be more effective.

What Sampler MICRO offers?

2 totally independent Uppers
- Upper 1 and Upper 2 are standard and fully independent. It's possible for any of them to load any sound in any oscillator mode.

All Oscillator Modes from Sampler 2
- Sampler MICRO has all oscillator modes from Sampler 2, except "Ethno Violine".

Polyphony of 24 stereo voices
- Sampler MICRO have plyphony of 24 stereo voices exact like Sampler 2.

Stereo Sampling
- Sampler MICRO works with stereo samples too. Supported sample formats are: PCM WAV files, 16bit / 48kHz / Mono or Stereo.

Play sound bank from Sampler 2
- Sampler MICRO play the same bank from Sampler 2, with same limitations.

Sample interpolation is 4 point Hermite
-Best sounding audio interpolation for real time use.

2 Insert Effects
- Every upper have one insert effect.

2 Master Effects
- Master delay and Master Reverb block.

Combined MIDI Connector
- MIDI connector is only one, but this connector fave 3 combined function, available in the same time: MIDI Input, MIDI Output and Power out for power accordeon MIDI system. For MIDI out and Accordion Power function, need optional special cables.

Analog Master Volume
- Master volume is realized in analog part, exact like in Sampler 1. No sound quality degradation, when master volume is very low.

OLED Display
- Sampler MICRO have very contrast OLED dysplay, sunlight visible. Displa resolution 128x64 pixels.

Protected SD card connector
- SD Card is fuuly prodected from mechanical damages, becouse all card is inside sampler.

4 onboard buttons
- Sampler MICRO have only 4 onboard buttons, but with this buttons is available all function of device.

USB host connector for external USB bupad keyboard
- External USB nupad keyboard is included, for fast and easy moving in menu.

Terca and Scala controls
- All terca and Scala functions from Sampler 2 are available.

Sound GROUP Mode
- Sampler MICRO has sound groups like Guitars, Pianos, Strings and more, for easy sound finding.

Integrated breath controller converter
- Like Sampler 1 and Sampler 2, Sampler MICRO have internal breath controller converter with hardware GAIN and OFFSET. Possible to control external MIDI device too.

What is difference from Sampler 2?

- Sampler MICRO have only one CPU on 480MHz. In Sampler 2 have 2 CPUs by 400Mhz every.
- Sampler MICRO have only 2 audio otputs. In Sampler 2 have 4 audio outputs.
- Sampler MICRO not have HelpSynth.
- Sampler MICRO have 1 insert per Upper. In Sampler 2 have 3 inserts per Upper.
- Sampler MICRO not have all effects on Master Delay and Master Reverb block, available in Sampler 2.
- Sampler MICRO breath control polarity is controlled by manual switch. On Sampler 2 this is digitally controlled from menu.
- Sampler MICRO is powered from AC adapter. Need different model adapters for 230V and 110V power standarts.
- Sampler MICRO not have Mp3 player ... for now.

What is included:

  • One Juzisound Total SOLO Sampler MICRO device.
  • One 256GB SD card, preloaded with the last version of the default sound bank.
  • One Power adapter - Main power (230V AC) to 15V AC - EU Plug Standard.
  • One USB numeric keyboard.
  • One MIDI cable.
  • Warranty card.
  • Quick Start guide.
  • Analogue Breath Controller Headset - ( Optional !!! )